Message of the Speaker

Thank you for visiting the Senate website of Somali Federal Parliament. The Senate of Somalia is the Upper Chamber of the bi-cameral legislature of Somalia. Somalia has been a Unicameral since 2012 whereby a federal system of governance was constitutionally introduced and a second chamber (Somali Senate) was established, one of the two houses of the Somali Federal Parliament.

Having the Senate in place for the first time in history is not without challenge but we will strive and contribute our best in order the democracy to flourish and citizens’ interest is realized.

I am always open to all senators and staff and commit in providing all members with the equal opportunity to actively and carefully listen to their opinions and suggestions to move the Senate to another level. Togetherness and cooperation of the house members are very vital in achieving the mandates of the Senate.

I pledge to do my best for the interest of citizens and the unity of the country.