Constitutional Roles

Powers and Mandates of The Senate:

Somali Constitution has vested in the Senate the power to represent the Federal Member States and be the custodian of Federalism Principles, Initiate and amend laws, scrutinise the bills and carry out oversight functions to take Government and Other officials accountable to them.

The following are the Constitutional Powers and Mandates of the Senate:

Article 71. The Upper House of the Federal Parliament legislative duties of the Upper House

The Upper House of the Federal Parliament represents the Federal Member States, and its legislative duties include:

(a) Participation in the process of the amending the Constitution, in accordance with Chapter 15.

(b) Passing, amending, or rejecting the laws that are tabled before it in accordance with Articles 80-83.

(c) Study of laws delegated to it in accordance with Article 80-83.

(d) Participation in the election of the President of the Federal Republic in accordance with Article 89.

(e) Dismissal of the President in accordance with Article 92.

(f) Participation in the process of declaring war in accordance with the Constitution.

(g) Carrying out other duties required by the Constitution to ensure proper implementation and review of the Constitution.

(h) Participation in the process of declaring a state of emergency in accordance with the Constitution and

(i) Participation in the process of appointing the following members of government institutions, as provided for by the Constitution:

  • Members of the Judicial Service Commission

  • Chairman and Judges of the Constitutional Court

  • Members of the National Independent Electoral Commission

  • Members of the Boundaries and Federation Commission

  • Members of the Arbitration Committee.